The Pastor and His Wife

     Pastor Bob and Lisa (Williams) Cordeiro have been married since June of 2005.  Pastor Bob has four children from a previous relationship and marriage, and Lisa has two children from a previous marriage.  Although they have no children together, their love of animals has led them to adopt several dogs, cats and bunnies from local shelters.

     In 2003 Pastor Bob formed the outreach ministry "Wings of Recovery Ministry" and formed an Overcomer’s Outreach Support Group.  He facilitated Christian recovery programs in the community and conducted workshops in local recovery homes and churches entitled "The Twelve Steps - A Spiritual Journey", which uses the twelve-step concept in a Christian Biblical context.

     On May 22, 2005, Pastor Bob was licensed as a Reverend through New Seasons Worship Center (NSWC) in Freetown, for the position of Chaplain. He volunteered as a ride-along Chaplain with the New Bedford Police Department, during which time he worked with the neighborhood police providing them with support while also providing outreach services to those in need in the community.  Bob is a NOVA-trained (National Office for Victim Assistance) member of the Greater New Bedford Trauma Response Network, responding to and providing intervention to those people who have become victims of a traumatic event, on an as-needed basis. In March of 2014,  Pastor Bob was certified as an exorcist after a year of training in the International School of Exorcism.

     Pastor Bob was a volunteer Chaplain in the Bristol County Jail and House of Correction, Bridgewater State Hospital, MCI Walpole, MCI Plymouth, and Old Colony Correctional Center leading Sunday services and weekly Theological Bible studies. 

     Simultaneously with Pastor Bob’s endeavors, Lisa was busy raising her two very active and athletic daughters, attending college, assisting and teaching in Sundays’ Children’s Church, and volunteering at a local food pantry.  In December 2006, Lisa received her Associate in Science Degree in Early Childhood Education from Bay State College and in May of 2011 she received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.  In July, 2018, she earned her certification by the Society for Human Resource Management as a Certified Professional.

     On January 8, 2012, Pastor Bob and Lisa opened the doors of River of Life Ministries, Inc., a non-denominational Christian church in the Old Methodist Meeting House at 295 Main Street inWareham, Massachusetts.  In May of 2012, Pastor Bob was ordained to be the Senior Pastor over the church by his apostolic coverings, Apostle Tony and Rev Beverly Rezendes.  On November 1, 2012, they launched By His Hand Soup Kitchen, a community outreach ministry which served free meals to residents of Wareham and the surrounding communities every Friday night.  Although the soup kitchen is not currently in operation, the church offers emergency food to those in need.  

   Together, Pastor Bob and Lisa do prison ministry and offer individual, group, and couples Christian counseling sessions.   


The Pastor's Testimony

Involved with drugs, New Bedford native Bob Cordeiro sought redemption in 1997, and it came."One day I turned my life around and gave my life to the Lord," he said. "From that point on I wanted to help people in bondage with addictions."

We work at being a healing center, delivering healing and restoration of families.  We have a heart for the lost and hurting.  Pastor Bob grew up in New Bedford and was raised in the Catholic faith.  "I kind of left the Church in my 20s," he said. "I got involved with drugs and stuff like that."  He credits Apostles Antonio and Beverly Rezendes, the former pastors of the Church of the New Testament in East Freetown, for his rehabilitation.  Pastor Bob went through substantial Christian counseling with them and has never looked back.

In 2000, Pastor Bob found his calling.  He went to the Ash Street Jail and fell in love with ministering.  Ever since then, he has ministered in state prisons, addiction and rehab centers, volunteering his time.  In 2005 he was ordained as a Chaplain by the Rev. David Lima, pastor of New Seasons Worship Center in East Freetown.

Cordeiro also developed a friendship with the Rev. Ivan Cuts while working together in prison outreach.  "He told me he was praying with his wife, and he believed God wanted me to have a church."  Pastor Bob went through a period of discernment, seeking where God wanted to lead him.  "I spent quiet time alone in prayer," he said. "I never dreamed of having my own church."  In late August of 2011, Pastor Bob made the decision to open River of Life Ministries.  Pastor Bob went to a tent revival in Lakeville, where Sister Sara Price gave him a prophetic word.  Sister Price said she saw people being healed and delivered. I knew it was a confirmation from God.  

Cordeiro rented the Old Methodist Meetinghouse from the Wareham Historical Society; and in January 2012 he held his first 10 a.m. Sunday service.  I felt God was calling me to the Wareham community.  Wareham needs help just like every other community. but I felt God tug on my heart to do His work in Wareham.

"No matter who you are, you can turn your life around. God forgives you. He redeems you and gives you what you need." - Pastor Bob


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