What We're All About...

You might be thinking why me?  Because you've made excuses long enough.  Because there's something missing in your life.  Because you didn't like the last church you went to.  Maybe you don't know if you even believe in God.  You don't understand why things happen to you, and honestly, nothing has changed because nothing has changed.         

So why us?  Because we're not perfect, we're forgiven.  Yes, we strive to live sinless lives, but we have struggles, and although we speak the truth and try to live by it, we don't live in glass houses and can't cast stones.  We've battled with loss, divorce, addictions, and the like; we're not above or better than anyone else.  We're here to help, not to judge.  We're believers of the Gospel; we know that we have the victory in Jesus Christ and so do you!  

Our Vision

          To see people delivered, healed, and restored by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

          To prepare and train all people to receive all the blessings God has for them, and to live a life free in the Spirit of God without any hindrances.

So there you have it!  At River of Life Ministries, we're not a bunch of bible-thumping, holy-rolling, fence-riding individuals.  Rather, we're forgiven sinners, Jesus-loving, sold-out followers of the Lord Jesus Christ!  And while we may have our ears towards Heaven, our feet are still on the ground.  So we invite you to come just as you are, not as who you think we want you to be, and experience the love and freedom of Jesus Christ in a way that you may have never even thought was possible!


Are you hurting, lost, and need answers in life?  Christ is the answer! 

Invite Christ into your heart by praying this prayer in true, pure, and humble belief:

I, (say your name), now confess with my mouth that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.  I believe with all my heart that he died on the cross and shed his blood to wash away my sins and my old life.  I believe that God raised Jesus Christ from the dead on the third day in order to impart into my spirit the life and nature of God.  I am now at this moment a genuine believer in Jesus Christ.  I am now this moment a brand new person in Christ. Amen.

Now start building your relationship with God the Father by talking with Him every day in the mighty name of Jesus!


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